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One Thing Weekly Journal for Moms

One Thing Weekly Journal for Moms

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As mothers, we are expected to raise intellectually robust, emotionally stable, career agile, trauma-limited children. Just reading that is exhausting! We are urged to break unhealthy cycles, to parent gently. We are juggling appointments, playdates, birthday parties & homework, while facing daily pressures- sometimes all on little sleep. We ensure our children take their vitamins, eat their vegetables (or feel guilty they didn’t) and that all their medical appointments are current. How about you though, Mama Bear: how's your vitamin and vegetable intake? Are all your medical checks current? We aim to balance our children's lives with learning and leisure. But when was the last time you “played”? Mothers often feel empty after their kids are grown, having spent so much time sacrificing for their kids.

Our kids are absolutely worth the sacrifice. But what if there’s another way? What if we can add a little more fun, a little more balance, a little more “you” to motherhood! That’s the vision of this journal: that while you pour into little lives, you’re also nurturing yourself. While you are parenting gently, you are also treating yourself with gentleness. We’ll focus weekly on the various needs of a mother: recharge (rest/leisure), connection (adult relationships), growth (reflection), interaction with childrenfuture goals, and physical health. Through powerful guided questions, action plans and supplementary resources, we seek to make motherhood more meaningful and manageable. Here's to a whole, happy you Mama, because you are the heartbeat of your home.

This journal is ideal for mothers of 1-10 year olds, who are pouring out a lot in these dependent, foundational years. It’s a perfect gift idea for yourself or others.

What does this journal include?:

  • Instructional Guide on How to Benefit Most from this Journal
  • A Mom Profile to help you reflect on your journey & desires as a mother
  • 30 fun and practical ideas to practice rest & self-care as a Mom (we call them our MOM-ents!)
  • 50 Words of Affirmation to empower your children
  • 30 Easy Activities to bond with your children
  • Weekly relatable, inspirational quotes about motherhood that will resonate with you
  • New, carefully curated questions every week, for one year

When it comes to motherhood: whether you’re nailing it, or you feel like you’re failing it, the 1 Thing Weekly Journal for Moms is just for you!

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