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One Thing Weekly Journal for Christian Moms

One Thing Weekly Journal for Christian Moms

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We readily celebrate the blissful side of motherhood, but how do we process the harder parts?

If you’re like most moms, you probably feel a wide range of emotions: tremendously blessed, yet extremely overwhelmed. If you're like most moms, you probably don't feel like you have it all together, all the time. You probably wonder if you are enough, if you are doing enough. Your days may be filled with rush, chaos, endless responsibilities. Yes, there are many precious moments you wouldn't trade - your heart is so full! Yet sometimes, there may be tears you can't explain, anxiety that creeps up from nowhere and an exhaustion you never knew existed. If you're like most moms, perhaps you feel you aren't exercising enough. Your home isn't kept well enough. You aren't playing with your kids enough. Things may feel out of balance. As a Christian mother, you're trying to stay connected to Christ, trying to show your child(ren) God's love, trying to raise godly offspring. With all the “perfect” moms in your Christian circle, it's probably hard to be honest about some of your struggles.

That's why we created the 1 Thing Christian Journal for Moms: to bring balance, to nourish Christian moms holistically. It's a space where you can be real, raw and honest, as you explore tough realities. A place where you can give thanks for what's beautiful and be honest about what hurts. Where you can celebrate your strengths and work on your weaker areas. A place where you can meet with God and find His peace, strength and wisdom for this indescribably beautiful, yet sometimes challenging journey. Each week, we will cover guided questions relating to: rest/self-caremaintaining healthy relationships, reflection, parent-child bonding, spiritual growth, physical health/wellness.

What makes this journal special:

  • An Instructional Guide on How to Use our Journal effectively
  • Mom Profile to help you reflect on your journey & desires as a mother.
  • 30 fun and practical ideas to practice rest & self-care as a Mom (we call them our MOM-ents!).
  • 50 Words of Affirmation to empower your children.
  • 30 Easy Activities to bond with your children.
  • 20 Scriptures to Pray over every aspect of your child(ren)’s life, from their mental health to their future spouse.
  • Mini Bible Studies.
  • Weekly biblically sound, inspirational quotes.
  • New, carefully curated questions every week, for one year.

This journal is ideal for Christian mothers of 1-10 year olds, who are pouring out greatly in these dependent, foundational years. It’s a perfect gift idea!

Discover a new dimension to the marvelous ministry of motherhood. One marked by balance, beauty and biblical empowerment.

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